Welcome To The Pack

The Totem Outlaws Motorcycle Club is focused on creating a brotherhood on Second Life that is a REAL brotherhood. Not just anyone has what it takes to roll with this pack. You need to be real and authentic as well as dedicated to truly loving and caring for your brothers and sisters!

We are not a social club that rides motorcycles, but a motorcycle club that’s social. Each one of our members must own and ride a bike. You must like to ride on SL, we can teach this skill but never expect a patch until you have that passion. We have many times to be social but we want to be a realistic motorcycle club.

We are based in the city of Evanna part of the Porto Principe Micronation. We have multiple tracks for riding, a night club that leases part of the land, and markets and other fun things. Each one of our members gets a FREE home on the premises, we love to be around each other!

We are looking for people who are interested in the Pack’s way of life please fill out an interest form on our contact page and our recruiter or another officer will get back with you!